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2010 - 2011

Appel d’offres n°14

"Macroprudential regulation versus Mopping Up after the Crash"
Olivier Jeanne*, Anton Korinek**
*Johns Hopkins University, **University of Maryland,
NBER Working paper n°18675, January 2013

"Optimal monetary policy with imperfect credibility"
Robert G. King*, Yang K. Lu**, Ernesto S. Pasten***,
*Boston University, **Hong Kong University, ***TSE

"Asset trading and valuation with uncertain exposure"
Juan Carlos Hatchondo*, Per Krusell**, Martin Schneider***
*Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, **Institute for International Economic Studies, ***Stanford University
Working paper 14-05, The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

"Seeking alpha: excess risk taking and competition for managerial talent"
Viral Acharya*, Marco Pagano**, Paolo Volpin***
*New York University, **University of Naples, ***London Business School
NBER Working paper n° 18891, March 2013

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