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Forthcoming seminars 

To attend a seminar. Please signal your attendance in advance by writing to:
Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars take place at the Banque de France, 20 rue du Colonel Driant, 75001 Paris

22 November (11:30-12:30 – room 6)
Jasmina Arifovic (University of Vancouver) “Central bank communication and evolution of heterogenous expectations”

Past Seminars:

7 June (11:30-12:30 – room 3)
Régis Barnichon (CREI)
"Assessing the long-run effects of financial crises"

24 May (11 :30-12 :30 – room 6)
Christian Eufinger (IESE)
"Whatever it takes : the real effects of unconventional monetary policy"

18 April (14:30-15:30 – room 3)
Miguel Ferreira (Nova School of Business Economics)
"Bank ratings and lending supply: evidence from sovereign downgrades"

30 March 2017 (14:30-15:30 – room 1)
Athanasios Orphanides (MIT)
“The fiscal policy mix in the euro area : challenges at the zero lower bound”

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