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Forthcoming seminars 

To attend a seminar. Please signal your attendance in advance by writing to:
Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars take place at the Banque de France, 20 rue du Colonel Driant, 75001 Paris

16 May (11:30-12:30 – room 6)
Maria Loumioti (University of Dallas) “Credit contagion, default risk and bank’s performance”

14 May (11:30-12:30 – room 2)
Matthias Morys (University of York) “Taming the Global Financial Cycle : Central Bank Balance Sheets and the Sterilization of Capital Flows under the Classical Gold Standard (1870s-1914)”

15 March (16:30-17:30 – room  6)
Christian Zimmermann (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) “Universal Basic Income versus Unemployment Insurance”


Past Seminars:

8 March (11:30-12:30 – room  4)
Jesper Lindé (Sveriges Riksbank) “DSGE Models: Still useful in policy analysis?”

7 March (11:30-12:30 – room 3)
Rui Pedro Esteves (University of Oxford) “The Rise of « New Corruption” : British MPs during the Railway Mania of 1845”

9 January (11:30-12:30 –room 4)
Francisco Ruge-Murcia (McGill University) “Extreme Events and Optimal Monetary Policy”


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