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22 January
Monica Billio (Université de Venise)

3 March
Marios Zachariadis (University of Cyprus)

26 March
Aileen Gosselin-Lotz (IUHEI Genève), Pierre Gosselin (Université de Grenoble)

4 May
René Garcia (Edhec Business School)

20 May
Eric Ghysels (University of North Carolina)

28 May
Maurizio Bovi (Institute for Studies and Economics Analyses)

10 June
Alexander Woleman (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)

2 July
Antoine Martin (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

5 October
Hyun Song Shin (Princeton University)

27 November
Giancarlo Corsetti (European University Institute), André Meier (FMI) et Gernot Müller (Université de Bonn)

« When, Where and How Does Fiscal Stimulus Work ? »

10 December
Thomas Laubach (Goethe University)

11 December
Russell Cooper (Université du Texas) :
« Deposit insurance without commitment : is there any insurance ? »

18 December
Jean Imbs (HEC Lausanne), Isabelle Méjean (FMI)

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