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2005 - 2006

Call for proposals n°9

« Liquidity risk of corporate bond returns : a conditional approach »
Viral V. Acharya, Yakov Amihud*, Sreedhar T.Bharath**
*New York University, **University of Michigan**
NBER working paper 16394, September 2010

« Securitization and the declining impact of bank finance on loan supply : evidence from mortgage originations »
Philip Strahan, Elena Loutskina
Boston College
The Journal of Finance, April 2009, volume 64, issue 2, pages 861-889

« The cost of banking regulation »
Luigi Guiso*, Paola Sapienza**, Luigi Zingales***
*Ente Luigi Einaudi, **Kellog School of Management, ***University of Chicago
NBER working paper 12501, August 2006

« Understanding Credit Spreads: the role of systematic variation in expected loss and liquidity »
Viral V. Acharya, Yakov Amihud, Sreedhar Bharath

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