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Prize Young researcher

The Young Researchers in Economics Prize is intended for researchers who have defended their thesis in economics for less than five years and who are currently affiliated to a French university. Each prize consists of a scholarship and funding by the Foundation for a teaching services release, subject to agreement by the university or research center. The prize is also opened to researcher free of teaching duties.

The Banque de France Foundation awards in 2017 a prize to two young researchers in economics affiliated to a university located in France, or a research center located in France.

Each award comprises:

  • a fellowship of EUR 3,000;
  • a compensation of the release from teaching obligations of 40 hours of lecturing, or 60 hours of tutorial teaching, per academic year over the next two academic years.[1] The Foundation shall offer this financial compensation to the university that provides this teaching release to the laureate. The teaching release cannot be offset by extra hours of lectures or tutorials.

Candidates whose status does not involve lecturing duties (eg: CNRS researchers) will receive only the fellowship of EUR 3, 000.

Applicants must:

  • conduct research projects in the field of banking, finance or monetary economics ;
  • hold a PhD in economics defended after 31 December 2011 ;
  • be affiliated to a university in France or a research center in France;
  • regarding applicants with teaching obligations, the head of the university research department must agree that a partial release from teaching obligations shall be granted to the candidate in the event that he/she is awarded the Banque de France Foundation "young researcher in economics" Prize.


  • the deadline to apply is 31 May 2017.
  • the prize will be officially awarded at a conference by the Foundation on November 2017.

How to apply
Application must comprise the following PDF documents:

  • application form, available at, page "Prize young researcher";
  • scientific curriculum vitæ ;
  • optional : references (letter(s) of recommendation or name(s) of the person(s) supporting the application).

Applications should be sent to

Deputy governor Anne Le Lorier awarded the 2015 prizes "young researchers" during the 20 year anniversary conference of the Fondation to :

  • Paul Hubert (OFCE-Sciences Po)
  • Christophe Spaenjers (HEC Paris)

The Jury was composed of Eric Jondeau (HEC Lausanne), Guillaume Rocheteau (UC Irvine) and Charles Wyplosz (Graduate Institute Genève).

The prize consists of an amount of EUR 3000, and as applicable, the funding of a partial release of teaching obligations.

The Young Researcher in Economics Prize was awarded to the following persons (with indication of their research projects) :

  • Yinghua He (Toulouse School of Economics). "Answering policy questions with carefully designed empirical strategies"
  • Johan Hombert (HEC Paris). "Economics of financial markets and banking"

The jury was composed Fabrice Collard (University of Bern), Frédéric Malherbe (LSE) and Pierre-Olivier Weill (UCLA and PSE).

Awarding the Young Researcher in Economics Prize 2012 and 2013

The Young Researcher in Economics Prizes 2012 and 2013 were awarded by Robert Ophèle on the occasion of the 10th Journée of the Foundation. The Young Researcher in economics prize consists in a felowship of 2 000 euros and the funding (if applicable) of the partial release of 80 hours of teaching obligations. Laureates for 2012 were : Jeanne Hagenbach (CNRS - École Polytechnique) ; François Le Grand (EM Lyon business school) ; Mariana Rojas Breu, (Université Paris Dauphine). Laureates for 2013 were : Michael Brei (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre) ; Eduardo Perez (l'École Polytechnique) ; Philip Valta (HEC Paris school of management).

The Young Researcher in economics prize was awarded to the following persons (with indication of their research projects):

  •  Eduardo Perez (École Polytechnique). Researchs on game theory, information and communication.
  •  Philippe Valta (HEC Paris school of management). “Financing Investment : The Choice between Bonds and Bank Loans”.
  •  Michael Brei (Université Paris 10). "Financial crises, bank behavior and offshore centers from a theoretical and empirical perspective ".

The Jury was composed of: Frédéric Boissay (BCE), Xavier Gabaix (New York University) et Julio R. Rotemberg (Harvard).

The Young researcher in economics prize was awarded to the following persons (with indication of their research projects) on 12 September 2012:

  • François Legrand (EM LYON): Relationships between risk and uncertainty on the one hand and asset prices and individuals' risk sharing on the other hand
  • Jeanne Hagenbach (CNRS - École Polytechnique): communication within organisations and precisions of declarations
  • Mariana Rojas Breu (Paris Dauphine): 1) Monetary Policy; financial development and welfare 2) Asset liquidity and optimal monetary policy 3) Monetary and financial integration

The Jury was composed of :
Pierre-Olivier Weill (UCLA), Gilles Chemla (Imperial College and CNRS DRM) and François Velde (Fed Chicago).

The fourth prize for “Young researchers” eligible to holders of PhD in economics affiliated to a French University since less than 5 years, was awarded to (with mention of research projects):

  • Milo Bianchi (Université de Paris Dauphine), « Financial markets and institutions : bright sides and dark sides »
  • Isabelle Méjean (École Polytechnique), “Commerce et macro-économie internationale”
  • Lucie Ménager (Université de Lille 1),“Économie théorique et communication non stratégique ; théorie des jeux et communication stratégique”

The laureates receive a grant of 2 000 euros and the funding of up to 80 hours release of teaching obligations (subject to their University’s approval).

The selection committee was composed of :
Simon Gilchrist(Boston University), Cyril Monnet (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) and Thomas Philippon (New York Stern School of Business).

Awarding the Young Researcher in Economics Prize (2011)

The prize was awarded by Robert Ophèle, Deputy-Governor of the Banque de France, at the 9th Journées of the Fondation (24-25 May 2012). The prize was awarded to : Milo Bianchi (University of Paris Dauphine), Isabelle Méjean (École Poytechnique) et Lucie Ménager (Université de Lille 1).

Awarding the Young Researcher in Economics Prize (2008-2010)

Governor Jean-Pierre Landau awarded the Foundation’s Young Economist Researcher Prize to the 9 winners on 7 February 2011 after a workshop dedicated to macroeconomic adjustment within EMU.

Prize « Young researcher in economics »
Governor Jean-Pierre Landau awarded the Foundation’s Young Economist Researcher Prize to the 9 winners (2008 to 2010) during a ceremony held in the Golden Gallery of the Banque de France on 7 February 2011.

The Young Economist Researcher Prize was created in 2008 to honour researchers in economics (holders of a PhD for less than 5 years). It consists of a fellowship of EUR 2 000 and the funding of partial release of teaching time (40 hours per year for two years). The prize is awarded on the basis of an assessment by a scientific committee.

The ceremony was preceded by a non-technical workshop during which three winning papers were presented: Alexandru Minea (Université d’Auvergne, prix 2008) “Threshold effects in monetary and fiscal policies”. Pamina Koenig (Université de Rouen AND PSE, prix 2008). “Agglomeration and the Export Decisions of French Firms”. Aurélien Eyquem (ENS LSH Lyon prix 2009). “Will US external imbalances lead to asymmetry within EMU?”. These papers were discussed by Jean Imbs, professor at the Paris School of Economics and led to a discussion on macroeconomic adjustment within EMU.

The winners were: 2008 prize: Nicolas Jacquemet (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne & École d’Économie de Paris) ; Pamina Koenig (Université de Rouen and Paris school of Economics); Alexandru Minéa (Université d’Auvergne); 2009 prize: Aurélien Eyquem (École Normale Supérieure LSH Lyon) ; Jérôme Héricourt (Université de Lille 1); Jérôme Mathis (Université de Paris 8 and École d’Économie de Toulouse); 2010 prize: Nicolas Coeurdacier (Sciences Po Paris) ; Camille Cornand (BETA - Université de Strasbourg); Christophe Boucher (Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and ABN AMRO).

The third prize for “Young researchers” eligible to holders of PhD in economics affiliated to a French University since less than 5 years, was awarded to (with mention of research projects):

  • Nicolas Coeurdacier (Sciences Po Paris), « Les choix de portefeuilles non-triviaux dans les modèles de la macroéconomie ouverte »
  • Camille Cornand (BETA Université de Strasbourg), « Les effets en bien-être de la transparence pour des banques centrales qui conduisent parallèlement une politique de stabilisation de l'économie »
  • Christophe Boucher (Université de Paris 1), « Mesurer les risques systémiques ; l'impact macroéconomique des risques systémiques ; engouement spéculatif et comportement des investisseurs »

The laureates receive a grant of 2 000 euros and are entitled to the funding courses buy back up to 80 hours of courses over two years.

The selection committee was composed of:

Francesca Cornelli (London Business School) ; Marc Flandreau (Graduate Institute, Genève), Denis Gromb (INSEAD), Philipp Hartmann (Banque Centrale européenne),

The Board of the Foundation Banque de France decided, at its meeting on 9 July 2009, on the basis of the assessment of the selection committee, composed of Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (University of Berkeley) and Adrien Verdelhan (MIT Sloan) to grant the prize "young researcher in economics" to:

  • Jérôme Mathis, assistant professor, (École d'Économie de Toulouse) : "Transmission stratégique de l'information sur les marchés"
  • Jérôme Héricourt, assistant professor (Lille 1) : "relations entre contraintes financières et comportement à l'exportation au niveau des entreprises" ; "économie publique des finances locales"
  • Aurélien Eyquem, assistant professor (ENS Lyon) : "Lien entre politique monétaire et effets de variété en économie ouverte" - "optimalité de la politique monétaire au sein de l'UEM"

The prize "Young researcher in economics" is aimed at encouraging young researchers (of all nationalities) affiliated to a French University. It is composed of a fellowsip of 2000 euros and the repurchasing of 80 hours of teaching obligations over two years.

The prize " Jeune chercheur en économie " was granted to :

  • Nicolas Jacquemet (Université Paris I) “ Labor market regulations, substitution, spouse formation and dissolution ”
  • Pamina Koenig (Université Paris X) “ Exports and geographic proximity ”
  • Alexandru Minea (Université d'Auvergne) “Macroeconomic policy, financial development and growth”

The jury was composed of Xavier Freixas (University Pompeu Fabra) and Hélène Rey (London Business School). The prize, launched in 2008, aims at encouraging young researchers in economics from French Universities. It comprises both the purchase of teaching hours and a fellowship.

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