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Prize of the Third Journées

Following the Foundation's special call for papers on the topic Riding Asset Price Booms and Busts: Monetary and Regulatory Issues, the prize of the Foundation's third Journées was awarded on 14 November 2003. The presentation was made on behalf of the Banque de France Governor by Denise Flouzat during the Foundation's Journées.
The winners of the prize, which amounted to € 5,000, were Alicia Garcia Herrero and Pedro del Rio from the Banco de España for their paper entitled "Financial Stability and the Design of Monetary Policy".

The Programme Committee, chaired by Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn (Director General of Economics and International Relations at the Banque de France and Vice-President of the Foundation) was made up of Philippe Bacchetta (Studienzentrum Gerzensee), Bernard Dumas (Insead), Francesco Giavazzi (Bocconi), Gikas Hardouvelis (Economic Office of the Greek Prime Minister), Éric Jondeau (Banque de France), Ilian Mihov (Insead), Henri Pagès (Fondation Banque de France) and Michael Rockinger (University of Lausanne).

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